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TN Global Studios Terms Of Service

The Client and TN Global Studios hereby agree that :

TN Global Studios will provide the Package services to the Client at the Venue(s) on the Wedding Date(s) and any related services thereafter that are reasonably necessary for provision of the Package to the Client.


The Client will pay the Purchase Price in the following manner:

30% of the Purchase Price for Package In advance to be paid as deposit to book the dates If the event is 5-15 months away from the day of booking. Payment should be updated to 70% by 2 months to the event. The remaining 30% should be paid in not less than 4 weeks to engagement or wedding.

50% of the purchase price should be paid as deposit for the date to be booked if the event is 3-4 months away from the day of booking. The remaining balance should be paid in not less than 4 weeks to the event.

70% of the purchase price should be paid as deposit for the date to be booked if the event is 1-2 months away from the day of booking. The remaining 30% should be paid in not less than 4 weeks to engagement or wedding 100% payment should be made to book date if event is 2-4 weeks away.

100% payment should be made to book date if event is 2-3 weeks away.

The deposit will be the non-refundable security deposit for the date.

The total payment made for any booking cancelled 2 months or less to the event will not be refunded .

Any remaining Balance should be paid at worst scenarios 4 weeks to engagement or wedding. (This is a measure to avoid contention between clients and TN Global Studios because of money and to help maintain the relationship created). This is also to ensure quick delivery right after the wedding day and not to come to a point where TN Global Studios has to withhold deliverables till balance is paid.

Clients will be given a final reminder for the balance 4 weeks to the event. If balance is still not paid 3 weeks to the event TN Global Studios will be forced to terminate the contract with no refunds.

Any additional coverage on the event days will be agreed on with client on the day before commencing of shooting any extra hours and are payable in cash / e-transfer at a rate of $300 per hour for photography and $400 per hour for videography. Payment is to be made within 2 weeks after event. Deliverables will be held until extra hrs payment is made.

Transportation fee will be agreed on with the clients considering location of the event. Clients would have to pay this as part of the installment for the purchase price.


TN Global Studios will not work at an event with another professional Photographer / Videographer if we are booked for the same service. If TN Global Studios is booked for Photography, no other Photographer has to be booked to offer the same service. If TNglobal Studios is booked for Videography, no other Videographer has to be booked to render the same service. If Client overlooks this and another Photographer / Videographer shows up on the day of the event, TNglobal Studios will not render their service and client will not get a refund. One photography / Videography company is enough to document your event. Situations with multiple vendors offering the same service only creates conflicts and distractions when shooting.


TN Global Studios is now offering live event blogging / content creation services. Live event content will be featured on our Official @tnglobalstudios and @tnglobal_tv Instagram ,TikTok and YouTube Shorts Platform. TN Global Studios will not work at an event with an external Live Blogger or Content creator. This is to preserve our well put together system of coordination. It is also to avoid conflicts when shooting, struggles for shots and content creator getting in the way of video or photo shots.


In the case of a lockdown, if client is not able to reschedule event a full refund will be provided. Rescheduling will not attract any additional cost.

For a joint Traditional and White Wedding booking , Event Dates should not be more than 4 weeks apart.


If the wedding date is cancelled or the contract is broken by unexpected circumstances by the client; Alternative arrangements and any additional charges are at the discretion of the Photographer(s). Where the Photographer(s) are unable to rebook the date(s) with an equivalent booking, then the cancellation refund will be reduced to the non-refundable deposit only and any additional fee(s) already paid will be refunded accordingly.

A refund of 100% of the amount paid applies; if any unforeseen circumstances or medical emergency prohibits our ability to attend and fulfill photographic duties as outlined in this contract and substitute photographer(s) of equal quality can't be found to replace our services, if substitute photographer(s) are found no refund is applicable.

NB: This very unlikely to happen but we as humans leave nothing to chance.


The negatives & digital files shall remain the property of the TN Global Studios & shall be kept by them for a period of 6 months after the wedding date(s),the digital files will be deleted once the dates elapse. All photographic proofs, Sample prints, Digital Photographic Medium and Negatives remain property of stated Photographer(s). Photographer(s) reserves the right to use any such Images for any display samples or marketing purposes locally, nationally or internationally with the consent of the client. Client can purchase Raw Files at an extra cost.


All photographic images and videos will be shot with professional 35mm SLR cameras, & professional processing services. Clients should therefore not expect quality above what the 35mm SLR cameras can produce. Clients should not expect quality like that of Hollywood movies. Those movies are shot with super high definition 8K cameras that no one can afford for wedding production anywhere in the world.


It is the responsibility of the client & their wedding party to be ready during each photographing or videography session at the appointed time & Location agreed orally or in writing .It is our duty as Documentary Wedding Photographers to document your wedding day as you have presented to us. Therefore TN Global Studios will not be responsible for changing backgrounds of locations, clearing prominent skin blemishes, patching torn clothes, correcting positioning of items and correcting bad body posture in post-production. Clients are advised to cooperate with photographers to get desired pictures and videos on set. Clients are advised to get a good make-up artist. Clients are advised to know and understand their body forms, stature, color, blemishes and deformities and do their best to hide or cover them to their best of capacity.

Clients will help TN Global Studios to get desired photographs and videos. Especially of family members, special guest and specific things that are very dear to clients. A designated sibling or protocol member would be appropriate to assist Photographers.

TN Global Studios will therefore not be held responsible for any missed shots as a result of client’s failure to assist the photographers


There is a danger that guests can unwittingly spoil shots. This can be as simple as trying to repeat shots taken by the “official” photographer, or distracting the subjects so that eyes are not looking at the camera, or taking an inordinate amount of time to take shots, or “spotting” the bride’s face with red focus assist lights, or floating into view on formal set-piece shots, or compromising the ambience of scenes by the inappropriate use of flash photography.

We will speak with the guest or bride or groom or co-ordinator if appropriate. In some circumstances our coverage may be compromised or may have to be cut short. An inconsiderate guest can wreck the record of your special day. The activity of another professional photographer or videographer or enthusiastic hobbyist can endanger the quality of the final product. For example still and video lights are not a good mix. Please notify us beforehand – with contact details – so that we can liaise the other parties and package the shooting accordingly, to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

In the event that the photographers are struggling to control the wedding parties due to many photographers from another outfit the photographers will start shooting candid photography only and TN Global Studios will not be held responsible.

Clients are advised to control the environment to their very best to avoid noise in the background, unwanted crowd reactions at certain points and arrangements for group pictures and clearing the background for pictures. TN Global Studios will not held responsible any faults in the work as a result of clients failure to do so. We suggest an assigned protocol person to control the environment and help photographers get designed pictures and video.


Ensuring the appropriate behaviour of all guests and other persons at the wedding and other events covered by Photographer shall be the responsibility of Client. In the event Photographer or his employee experiences any inappropriate, threatening, hostile or offensive behaviour from any guest or other person at the wedding or other event (including, but not limited to, unwelcome sexual advances and verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature) then the following process shall be followed: first offence: a verbal warning will be issued to a family member of the client; second offence: the offending person will be required to leave the wedding or event; third offence: Photographer will end wedding coverage immediately and leave the event, Photographer shall be entitled to retain all monies paid hereunder and client agrees to relieve and hold Photographer harmless as a result of incomplete wedding or event photography coverage.


Engagement / Pre-wedding and Post-wedding shoots are on location(s) and date(s) agreed by both parties e.g. (Outdoors, Park, Beach, Garden and Funfair etc.) in the event of cancellation due to bad weather etc., a future date will be rescheduled to do the shoot agreed by both parties. In the event that a suitable date can’t be agreed by both parties the shoot(s) will lapse without value unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Photographer(s).(excluding Saturdays).

The client will apply for any necessary permit(s) or license(s) that will allow the Photographer(s) to shoot at the client’s location(s) of choice for both the pre and/or post shoot and Wedding day shoot, The Photographer(s) isn’t responsible for accessibility to any location(s).


Full set of pictures consists of Lightroom colored and Photoshop retouched images. . Limited retouching are included as stated in package list. Client may request further changes for an additional charge. TN Global Studios is not responsible for any prints that are not ordered directly from us. For best results, clients with the high-resolution files should order their prints through a reputable lab.


Only Pictures selected by editor will be sent to client for further selection if applicable.

Full Album Selection only applies to Engagement/Pre-wedding shoots , photo shoots, and family shoots.

Full Album Selection does not apply to Traditional and white weddings and other events . Editor is solely responsible for selecting and editing Full album and Highlight pictures for traditional and white weddings and other events.

Client will select pictures to retouch from a pre-selected set of pictures ( Bridal portraits, Groom's portraits and Couple Exclusive portraits )

Client can submit songs for video post production. For Full video Edits, Client will be sent an Initial Edit for Review. Clients are to go through video and present all the changes and corrections they would like to see in the final video. The team will revisit full video to apply requested changes and to finalize video for delivery.

The whole post - production process is exclusive to the Team, their creativity, discretion and experience. We advise clients to do a thorough search on our work so they know what they are signing up for.

Even though the outcome of one event will never be the exact same as that of another event there is a particular trend in our work that helps the client envisage the possible outcome of theirs.

Colors, brightness, framing, composition, video - sound track editing flow , song preference, editing style , photo and video angles, length of videos, video sound design, picture retouching, picture standard edits among others are what clients can look out of for when trying to identify the trend in the style of our work.


Picture highlights (100-150 pictures including retouched pictures) and video trailers/highlights will be delivered within 15 - 20 working days after event. Full set of pictures will be delivered within 30 - 45 working days after event. Full videos take up to 150 working days for completion and delivery. Client can opt to do their selection of 150 pictures for the photobook or have The Team do the selection and send for their approval before printing. Client will select pictures for Frames right after delivery of full album. Photobook and frames will be delivered 20 – 90 days after delivery of Full Set of pictures .

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